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  • Hey Mod

    i write to you privately but i dont become a answer so i write here.
    Why delete my thread for no reason ?

    Is this what a mod do ? Dont answer on message , delete threads for no reason...hmm okay.

    i write in german one mod understand german.

    Wenn der Thread unangebracht war und ihr etwas schließt , dann schreibt doch wenigstens eine Nachricht warum .
    Ich kann mir schon denken warum jemand das von euch geschlossen hat weil ich die Spieler nicht dazu anregen soll nur im Spiel zu farmen.
    Das heißt ja dann auch man wird gezwungen anderst zu spielen als man selbst will ?
    Wenn das so ist , dann kümmert euch erst mal um die afk farmer und die Spieler die andere beleidigen oder Spieler die absichtlich feeden !

    Nur so am Rande. Checkt mal eure Nachrichten, es gibt Spieler die euch Privat anschreiben und man bekommt einfach keine Antwort zurück, danke !

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    I mean that your topic deleted because it's makes the situation in the game, where all want still, I don't know how to say this, but:
    Rate for kill - all will steal although they never do this... Same situation with minions...


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      P.s. Devs, delete such topic phisical, if u deleted this - it stands out and distracting


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        Ive private messaged Exd, no answer even its something I need help with the hero I bought and account resets for my mobilebits account.


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          Guys we need to remember there are only 10 devs working on the game and one of them is the forum moderator.

          They have to work in the game and spend some time in the forum, and don't forget they have to live their lives, I'm sure all off them have family.

          It's perfectly acceptable that at this stage they need some time to come to the forums.

          I'm almost sure that after the game release there will be more mods on forum to give a fast response.


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            I absolutelly agree with miroko, because exd have to click to all topic and it great if he read this... Somitimes no forces to answer... Sometimes u want kill all because a lot of topics - same... and u write and write same answers... So all good I mean, now forum Devs reading, so it's fine and no need more=)


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              i cant delete ya. Mod plsdelete this thread. thx


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                If you don't get an answer at privite messaging, please write a mail to:


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                  ja sorry falls wir nicht immer hinterherkommen. ist immer auch möglich .. das wird mehr gecheckt.


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                    worum geht es eigentlich hier? Was habe ich verpasst?


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                      administrator commented
                      Editing a comment
                      His topic with Farm achivement was unupproved... So he want to get answer - why.