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Fps or Connection problems?

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  • Fps or Connection problems?

    Hello , im close to platinium rank already and the new update made the game run alot better , now i have like 50-60 ping..

    I can play 2vs2 map smooth but i have problems in 4vs4. At the start it runs pretty good , even if i fight some other it is playable , but when a big teamfight appears like 3vs3 or something like that , my games starts to lagg very hard , it makes me unable to play good.

    how do i fix that? I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 with 4 prozessors, but still it laggs like that? i dont wanna go rush and buy a phone with 8 kern prozessors....

    is it possible to add a option in the settings that lowers the Graphic details? it would help alot players i think. Because right now , 4vs4 is a bit pain while playing.

    What should i do? my RAM says i have 1.78ram, and 0.98 are already in use , the game says it needs 1or more Ram. how am i supposed to fix that. Do i need to buy a 1500 dollar phone?

    i will try cleaning Data and deinstalling Stuff .

    Anyonebave common problems?

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    I have the same problem.


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      i deleted now evrything with my App called cleaner , now i have around 1.2 free RAM , also i will boost the game with gamebooster. U should do that too if u really want play HoS like me.


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        Man i just played 4 times 4vs4 now ,i won 3, and last i lost because of lag . How can someone put out a game that isnt able to be played , and say like donate us we need 30.000 dollar per month lol seriously. gonna play 2v2 now only.


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          Please make some settings , like graphic Low-Middle-High

          The best for me would be Very Low , because i prefer better perfomance than visual looks....

          Why so high graphic details lol , its nice that u want attract the childs in this game with the visuals but for Serious players like me that want to improve and become one of the best its a pain to play alot of games with having lag...and my i dont have a crap phone. I already bought the 30 dollar bundle , and will keep buying skins , if u fix this Lag with some settings option menu... I hope something like this really happens , cause if this Lag stays i will have to leave because no fun. :-( I could buy a 1500dollar phone and than play 4vs4 smoothly but i wont cause i could buy pc for that and play League of legends lol.

          Anyways its the best league of legends like game. Seen alot worse in appstore lol


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            i agree on your idea, it realy is frustrating. even on PC it laggs for me from time to time.