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Item bug workaround

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  • Item bug workaround

    Hello heroes,

    I have uploaded a video that could help you to build the items as you want them despite the bug.

    The first part shows that the bug is there, the second part shows how you can deal with it.

    1. You recognize that the item in item slot 11 has been changed against your will
    2. Move the item from slot 11 to slot 12 and click save
    3. Typically, in slot 11 the correct item will appear.
    4. Now exchange the item in slot 12 against the item you want to have there
    5. Done, if you are lucky!

    Other ways:
    • Move items 1 slot up after you changed them (and back)
    • Try the regular method again, just directly equipping the item you want to.
    • If you can't equip an specific item, this typically means that the item is theoretically meant to be already in your build. Move an item 1 place up and click save. Repeat for all item slots until the item appears. If it does not appear, you might be able to equip it now

    Kind regards,
    Your HoS-team