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  • v1.7.6 release

    Hello heroes,

    here are the patchnotes for v1.7.6. Only the client version of Android is updated, because apart from two tooltips and the ads issues, that were on Android, all other changes are done on the server-side. So if you play on Steam or iOS, you will be fine with client v1.7.5, which works with all changes below.

    • Grimnor "Dig In": Increased total healing from 125/175/225 to 150/200/250. Besides, Grimnor now also regenerates 3/5/7 energy (his total energy capacity is 15)
    • Grimnor "Spin": Increased slow duration from 0,8s to 1s
    • Lion "Focus Attack": Increased slow duration from 0,8s to 1s
    • Niomi "Soul Harvest": Now pulls enemies closer to Niomi instead of pushing them away, as it worked originally. Pull distance is 1/1,25/1,5m per hit. The second pull does scale with 15% additional damage, the third pull with 30%. Initial damage is 100/130/160 + 30/35/40%. Energy costs are 8/6/4 per pull
    • Turakk "Charged Blast": Since the old mechanic for gaining energy doesn't always work (but would provide 80 energy) and is not known by everyone, Turakk now gains +60 energy instead of +20 energy when releasing the button

    • Earth Worm: Reduced damage immunity duration from 3,5s to 2,3s. Increased total duration from 3,5s to 3,8s.
    • Golem: Reduced damage/hit from 200/280/360 to 180/240/300 and reduced the damage increase through charging the attacks from 200% to 60%. Reduced movement from 4,8 to 4,7. Damage on appearance remains on 200/280/360. Golem has now only a limited crowd control immunity for the first 3,5s, but he still has a general crowd control reduction of 70%. Reduced damage against towers by 20%
    • Meteor: Reduced the time after which the skill is cancelled automatically - when holding the skill button without releasing it - by 1s (from 5s to 4s). So in case you would miss the enemies, you can hold the button until the skill is cancelled
    • Sword of Damocles: Reduced the time after which the skill is cancelled by 1,5s (from 5s to 3,5s). Increased stun from 1,25/1,5/1,75s to 1,5/1,75/2s

    • New players now receive one random hero (out of the ten initial heroes) for free instead of Ellyn
    • Changed some gold prices for heroes (Niomi 1450 -> 1250, Shurok 1250 -> 1450, Grimnor 950 -> 800, Dalia 650 -> 800)
    • Another small update to hero classifications in regard to strengths and weaknesses

    • Attempt to fix endless ads issue. Besides, players with any registered purchases receive 75% less ads.
    • Fixed amount of gold received for wins

    Best regards,
    your HoS Team
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    Monthly ladder reset including hall of fame for June is done now:
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      New server update: v1.7.6b
      • Golem: Fixed Golem receiving damage during transformation. Reduced crowd control immunity to transformation time (After appearance Golem has 70% crowd control reduction)
      • Ice Dragon: Increased damage from 130/160/190 to 130/165/200