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  • Patchnotes v1.7.7

    Hello heroes,

    Patch v1.7.7 has been released for Android and Steam. The client update for iOS will follow in a few days.

    The forum threads with stats about heroes and titans have been updated as well:

    Heroes - General changes
    • Mirage: 65->55 dmg and 5->6 dmg/lvl resulting in 110->109 dmg on lvl 9
    • Lion: 1000->950 hp resulting in 1675->1625 hp on lvl 9

    Heroes - Skill-specific changes
    • Dalia "Growth": Changed healing from 100/125/175 to 100/130/170
    • Ellyn "Cyclone": Increased movement speed during casting time from 75/80/85% to 75/85/95%
    • Ellyn "Hammerfall": Increased the movement speed buff during casting time from 12% to 15%
    • Jin Long "Sanctuary": In addition to existing effects, Jin Long gains 15/20/25% movement speed for 2.5s
    • Keely "Recoil Shot": Increased damage from 50/100/150 + 60% to 50/100/150 + 70%
    • Lion "Focus Attack": Now also reduces the armor of the target by 10/15/20 for 2s. Besides, "Swords" can be used earlier after "Focus Attack"
    • Lion "Rage": Using Rage now shortly (0.5s) prevents you from using "Swords"
    • Lion "Swords": Reduced damage from 50/60/70% to 50/56/62%
    • Lion "Stomp Jump": Reduced damage from 20/40/60 + 120/140/160% to 20/45/70 + 120/130/140%. Increased cooldown from 4/3,5/3s to 6,5/6/5,5s
    • Lola "Wall of Pain": Reduced the time, after which the skill is cancelled automatically when holding the skill button from 5s to 4s. So you lose less time in case you wouldn't have a chance to hit the enemies.
    • Mirage "Mirror Dash": Increased damage from 100/135/170 + 100% to 100/150/200 + 100%
    • Mirage "Mirror Jump": Increased damage from 50/75/100 + 100% to 50/100/150 + 100%
    • Niomi "Soul Harvest": Now the second/third pull does 15/30% additional damage in total, not only in terms of damage scaling. If you make use of all three possible pulls, you now gain 15/20/25% movement speed for 3s
    • Shakkur "Seeing Dagger": Reduced cooldown from 18/16/14s to 16/14/12s. Increased the amount of energy gained from 50 to 50/60/70
    • Shakkur "Shadow Walk": Reduced cooldown from 24/22/20s to 24/21/18s. Increased the duration from 4/5/6s to 5/6/7s
    • Toxurr "Chain Reaction": Increased damage from 35/75/115 + 90/95/100% to 50/100/150 + 100/105/110%
    • Yaku "I Choose You": Increased damage from 20/40/60 + 100/105/110% to 40/60/80 + 100/110/120%

    • Meteor: Increased slow from 40/45/50% to 45/50/55%. Increased damage from 110/155/200 to 120/170/220
    • Sword of Damocles: Reduced cooldown from 75/65/55s to 70/60/50s.
    • Earth Worm: Reduced cooldown from 130/110/90s to 120/105/90s. Reduced the duration during which the target is invulnerable (damageimmune) from 2,3s to 2,3/2,15/2s (total stun duration is 3,8s)
    • Fire Dragon: Reduced cooldown from 130/110/90s to 120/100/80s
    • Ice Dragon: Reduced cooldown from 95/80/65s to 90/75/60s. Increased damage from 130/165/200 to 150/195/240
    • Golem: Reduced damage per hit from 180/240/300 to 120/160/200. In return, Golem receives 20% armor penetration and damage per hit can be increased now by 180% per second through charging the attack instead of 60%. So Golem players have to decide, whether they want to stunlock the enemy or to deal higher damage

    • Items: New default item builds for all heroes (more lifesteal & better for long-lasting games)
    • Consumeables: Increased the duration of the Ward from 120s to 180s. Reduced the price from 10 to 5 gold
    • Translations: Added Dutch and updated translations for English, German and Spanish
    • Ads: Currently any user that has any votes (buying anything gives votes) won't see any ads, in the past the ads were reduced by 50-80%
    • Device compatibility: Retested and added support for older Android devices (down to 4.0.1)

    • Fire Dragon: The animation of the DoT-effect is no longer shown on towers. Besides, the tooltip shows the total damage which is 525/750/975, including both direct damage and the Damage-over-Time effect
    • Fixed all of those tooltips that were showing wrong percentages (0,5% instead of 50% etc.)
    • Changed several Dalia roots effect visibilities to all players as not all effects were visible for enemies some of the times

    Best regards,
    your HoS Team

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    The server issues are partly fixed now. Besides, the new default item builds are finally implemented!

    Hopefully the issues will be completely fixed soon
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      Now fixed 3 things:
      - New Heroes get valid values again for skins (and items as fixed yesterday)
      - If there are still wrong values for items anywhere, they get fixed items (from shurroks build)
      - All server crashes related to items and skins have been fixed, trying to select an invalid skin just aborts this call and logs it out

      There might still be invalid data for some characters since there are millions of them, but over time it should get better and normal again.