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  • Patch v1.7.8 release

    Hello heroes,

    Patch v1.7.8 has been released for Android and Steam. The client update for iOS will follow in a few days. Besides, the monthly ladder reset for November is done.

    The forum threads with stats about heroes and titans are updated as well:

    Patchnotes v1.7.8

    Heroes - General changes
    • Against minions strong AoE effects are weakened by 15-20%: Charged Blast, Toxic Pool, Chain Reaction, Lazor, Prism Bomb, Roots, Hammerfall (Sanctuary, Wall of Pain and Rage were nerfed in the past already)
    • Grimnor: Movement speed 4,0->4,1
    • Lola: 900->850 hp and 60->75 hp/lvl resulting in 1440->1525 hp
    • Lola: 50->46 dmg and 3,5->4,5 dmg/lvl resulting in 81,5->86,5 dmg
    • Targas: Movement speed 3,9->3,8
    Heroes - Skill-specific changes
    • Ellyn "Resolute Charge": Reduced cooldown from 16/14/12s to 16/13/10s
    • Grimnor "Axe Throw": Increased damage from 15/30/45 + 100% to 15/30/45 + 100/105/110%
    • Grimnor "Dig In": Cooldown does now start only after the usage duration is over instead of right away
    • Jin Long "Meditation": Jin Long gains 30/40/50% damage reduction and 30/40/50 tenacity during the casting time. Reduced healing per second from 100/150/200 to 80/120/160
    • Jin Long "Sanctuary": Now one tick every 0,4s instead of every 0,5s. Reduced total duration from 5s to 4s. So over the total duration damage and heal are exactly the same, but per second 25% higher. Besides, enemies are slowed by 65/70/75% within the first 0,8s and 40/45/50% afterwards.
    • Keely "Recoil Shot": Reduced cooldown from 19/16/13s to 18/15/12s
    • Lazlo "Rampage": Reduced cooldown from 18/16/14s to 18/15/12s
    • Lion "Stomp Jump": The cooldown can no longer be reduced by using items with Cooldown Reduction
    • Lola "Wall of Pain": Increased slow from 40% to 40/45/50%. Increased damage against minions a bit (was nerfed a lot in the past)
    • Lola "Dash and Bash": Increased damage from 10/20/40 + 100% to 10/25/40 + 120/140/160%. Reduced cooldown from 20/15/10s to 16/13/10s
    • Shakkur "Stab": Increased damage from 10/20/30 + 100% to 10/20/30 + 110%
    • Shakkur "Seeing Dagger": Increased damage from 40/60/80 + 100/110/120% to 40/70/100 + 105/115/125%
    • Shakkur "Shadow Walk": Can now be used a second time after 7s within a period of 3s, but the second usage doesn't restore any energy, its duration is just 2.2/2.6/3.0s. Energy regeneration per second doesn't increase anymore, because total regeneration is higher thanks to longer duration of Shadow Walk. NOTE: Due to the new skill design, the cooldown which is shown in the tooltip is very low (14/11/8s), but since it does not start before 10s after usage (or if you use it a second time even later), it is exactly the same as before if you have no CDR equipped. If you use CDR, it does only apply to the actual CD, but not to those 10s before
    • Shakkur "Execute": Changed damage from 125/187,5/250 + 120% to 125/170/230 + 120/127,5/135%
    • Shurok "Heal": In addition to existing effects, Shurok gains 15/20/25% movement speed for 2.5s
    • Turakk "Charged Blast": Reduced damage from 26/38/50 + 50/55/60% to 26/38/50 + 45/50/55%. No damage against towers anymore. Removed movement slow effect and replaced it with turnspeed reduction.
    • Turakk "Swiftness": Extra speed doesn't scale with items anymore. Besides, its cooldown can no longer be reduced by using items with Cooldown Reduction (generally reduced cooldown by 1s in avoidance of overreaching)
    • ActiveItems: "Ward": Increased duration from 180s to 210s
    • Titans: "Earth Worm": Increased damage from 350/500/650 to 380/530/680
    Game modes
    • If any player has less than 5 wins since the release of patch v1.7.8 (pretty much all new players) the new Tutorial Mode (2on2 with other newbies and bots) is given and the default
    • If a player has more than 50 wins in his career the diamond 5v5 button is shown, weaker players are excluded (not active yet!)
    • Some new helpeful text for the new modes is added
    • Jin Long: Fixed "Kick" responding to CDR since v1.7.7
    • Yaku: Fixed a turnspeed issue that sometimes appeared on Lazor
    • Another attempt to fix Earth Worm animation not responding to Tenacity
    • Some minor fixes to some mixed up heroes/skills/titan files

    Best regards
    Your HoS Team
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