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    Hello heroes,

    since there are some server issues recently again, I'll use this thread to keep you updated about the server status. I won't be able to do that 24/7 and I may skip some smaller downtimes but it might be still preferable to some people to just check the website rather than trying to login or load matches all the time.

    If you want the most recent information, check out:

    Kind regards
    Your HoS-team

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    So right now, login is not possible and the developer is already working on it. Sorry for the trouble.


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      Server is back online but with an unpleasant surprise because for now, there had to be taken an older database backup.
      The Developer will try to recover the lost database server. But for now this is the only way to keep the server online.

      Edit: Recovery process will take another 18 hours. We will obviously not know if it works until it is done.
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        A recovery of the data as it was before the downtime failed. There is still copying data while the server is already online again, but the accounts will only contain the data as it was at the time of the backup. Accounts can be compensated with gold for their loss of progress. More information about that is coming soon. Sorry for the trouble.


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          Data migration is complete now, in the way it can be considered "complete" by the time of early March. If you want ingame compensation for what you lost on your account, please contact either or ManuDelta through a personal message on discord ( Also mention your account email adress, that you use to login and the type of your account (Google Play Account, MobileBits Account).


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            Another way to follow server status: Click on the blue discord button on bottom right of the page to get an overview over the most recent discord messages without having to login.