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Game Suggestions for Hero Balancing

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  • Game Suggestions for Hero Balancing

    Hello Heroes,

    as the developers recently have taken into account several hero balancing suggestions the 2-3 weeks before the release of the patch v1.7.0, I would like to use this thread in order to develop and discuss new ideas in regard to improving the balance between the heroes in HoS.

    The aim is to draft balancing improvements as specific as possible. This makes it more easier and therefore also more likely that they will be taken into consideration for implementation.

    How should suggestions look like in the end?
    - Percentage changes in basic attributes --> e.g. Toxurr 5% more base health
    - Easy changes in skills (damage, cooldown, energy costs) -> e.g. Shurok "Stab" extra damage reduction from 100/100/100% to 80/80/80%
    - Mid-level changes (utility/crowd-control added to a skill) -> e.g. Toxurr "Numbing trap" gets additional silence 1/1,2/1,4 sec
    - Difficult changes (rework of a skill or if new animations required)

    How to start with?
    1) Which heroes do need a buff/nerf without any doubt?
    2) What does the hero really need? Damage, health, energy or utility?
    3) To what extent?
    4) How would this affect the heroes strength in regard to other heroes?

    Let's start with 1) and 2).

    General values from all heroes (health, dmg, etc.) can now be found under:

    Best regards,
    Your HoS-Team
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    Very good your work!

    Now there are some buff in other heroes to leave the game very balanced

    - grimnor - buff grimnor more damage in the ax or always give a stunning

    - Kelly - More Quick Attack on Fire Attack

    - ellyn - more damage in skils hammefall and cydone

    - Dahlia - more healing and more stun

    - yaku - more life

    - Jin long - more life

    - xelia - more life


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      My suggestion, I'm sorry, English.
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        Thanks for your suggestions. Dalia more healing is obviously necessary. For Keely maybe cd reduction on recoil shot and mortar. But let's wait for the opinions of others. For the health increasements we should make a table with the stats from all basic attributes for every hero first (without any items). At the moment I don't have the time to do it, unfortunately.

        Edit: Done. ->
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          Shakkur CD reduction in 3rd skill "EXecute" and disable teleport with the dagger since it cuz glitch and transform u to enemy base, shadow walk need immunity.

          The items shop need some editing/info since u upgrade from each level and some times the value doesn't even change at all !! why spend gold for items then ?!


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            Yeah, Dalia needs buff, because only builds with speed are suitable vs good players. Other builds are ineffective in most parts.

            I don't think that Keely needs any nerfs in her abilities, maybe only wolf needs a tiny cd increase - not big, because wolf using is harder than worm. Recoil and mortar even with cd reduction items require around 10-12 secs for me - it's pretty balanced.

            And Lion needs nerf in jumps. In theory his jumps are similar to Yaku's jumps, but Yaku's jumps are almost useless in comparison, because Lion's jumps deals stun with very short cooldown. So, there are three options to balance:
            1). Remove stun effect completely (like Yaku's jumps) and add slow effect.
            2). Save stun effect but dramatically increase mana requirements for those jumps. It's possible to survive after 2-3 stuns but not after 4-5.
            3). Increase cooldown. Stun each 1,5 secs - it's an OP.

            I prefer first variant or combination of second and third (slight mana and cd increase). And of course it needs fixes in stun and titan immunities. Worm is even useful for Lion because he can quit from fight being invulnerable.

            Personally, I don't think that Shakkur needs changes. Sometimes I throw dagger at creeps or minions to return into action ASAP. Shadow walk is a stealth mode, not god-mode - maybe it needs only slightly bigger buff in speed, that's all.