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Information about all the different item attributes

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  • Information about all the different item attributes

    Hello heroes,

    since the soulcraft wiki is quite a bit outdated and this question comes up frequently, here some explanations about the item stats in HoS.

    To get a better idea of the values from attributes, take a look at:

    Defensive attributes:
    • Armor
      • Armor reduces the amount of incoming damage.
      • The calculation is: Damage Reduction Multiplier: 1.0 / (Armor / 100.0 + 1.0)
      • So if your Hero has 100 Armor, the incoming damage would be reduced by 50%
    • Health
      • Health increases the amount of hit points of your Hero by 1 per health point.
    • Health Regeneration
      • Values are given per second
    • Block
      • 1 Block reduces the incoming damage by 1.
      • The Block reduction is applied first ( before Armor).
    • Lifesteal
      • every percentage point Life Steal will return 1 percent of your dealt Damage as Health back to your Hero
    • Tenacity
      • Every percentage point Tenacity reduces the duration of all crowd control (stuns, slows, silences) on your Hero
      • Items with Tenacity do not stack, only the highest Tenacity buff is applied to your Hero
      • For example, if a player had an item that gave 40% Tenacity, a Stun lasting 2 seconds would last for 1.2 seconds instead.

    Offensive attributes:
    • Armor Penetration
      • every point in Armor Penetration reduces the enemy Armor by 1
      • Armor Penetration is best used if the enemy has not too much Armor
      • Armor Penetration is subtracted before Percentage Armor Penetration
    • % Armor Penetration
      • every percentage point will reduce the enemy Armor by 1 percentage point
      • Percentage Armor Penetration is best used if the enemy has a lot of Armor
      • Percentage Armor Penetration is subtracted after Armor Penetration
    • Damage
      • 1 damage increases your Hero damage by 1
      • all skills have different scales for damage(some profit more, some less)

    Utility attributes:
    • Movement speed
      • Every point Movement Speed will increase your Heroes speed by 1 meter per second
      • The basic Movement Speed from the heroes without any items ranges from 3,5 to 4,0m
    • Cooldown Reduction
      • Every percentage point Cooldown Reduction reduces your Heros skill Cooldowns by 1 percent
      • Cooldown Reduction is hard capped at 40%, so your Cooldowns can't be lower than 60% of their original value
    • Titan Cooldown Reduction
    • Projectile Speed Increase
      • Every percentage point will increase the speed of your heroes projectiles by 1 percent
      • Can be useful for skills, that can miss their target (e.g. Yaku's Ball, Keely's Mortar, Toxurr's Poison)
    • Intimidation
      • Intimidation is the opposite to Tenacity
      • Intimidation does stack