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Tutorial: Basics and important details that decide, whether you will win or lose

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  • Tutorial: Basics and important details that decide, whether you will win or lose

    Latest version of the tutorial thread is now available under:

    Hello heroes,

    the basic stuff is in the tutorials, so first of all: Watch them. It's not a bad idea to watch them twice to internalize all the details, because most players seem to get only a superficial understanding of the basics. Some details in the video tutorials are not up-to-date anymore, I will explain them below.

    Basic Tutorial

    Advanced Tutorial (watch this in addition to the Basic Tutorial, not instead of it!):

    Comments on aspects from the video tutorials:
    • "Don't attack towers alone! Attack with your minions to be successful!"
      • If you hit enemy players with your skills while attacking a tower, the tower will focus you despite the minions!
    • "You can also leave running games without receiving a penalty"
      • Not totally true. You can leave a single game or two. But you lose all XP you have gained so far in the game. And if you leave too often or never stay in a room for multiple games, there is a penalty that costs you more rank than any defeat possibly could
    • "And if the over time runs out, sudden death starts and heroes won't revive"
      • Heroes will always revive. But the death timers are extremely long and can be over one minute. Also you can't buy the Active Item that allows you to instantly revive your hero anymore
    • The out of combat buff does not exist anymore. People that are not playing (= afk) will be kicked out of the game

    Factors that determine your strength versus others:
    1. Teamplay. Play together with your teammates!
    2. Your individual skill / gaming abilities
    3. Game knowledge
      • knowing when to attack/defend which towers, kill abomination, farm AI units (for souls/xp), use active items, etc.
    4. Difference in Souls/XP between both teams in a match, determining the progress in items (0-12) and skill abilities (Lvl 1-9, up to 11 skill points)
      • You gain souls and xp for every kill of a player, tower, minion or any other AI unit. And so does your enemy team! If you rush into the enemies and die all the time, your enemy team gets stronger and stronger if you feed them this way!
      • This point is very important! If the difference between both teams is hundreds of souls (and below 2000) you should not even try to fight 1vs1 against enemy players. Instead, defend only and farm minions, creeps and other AI units for souls and xp until the difference is smaller or both teams have reached enough souls (~2300) so that everyone has all 12 items! Once you reached your 12 items and level 9, souls and XP won't matter anymore.
      • Souls and XP are shared evenly between all members of your team. In 3vs3 each game starts with 150 souls and 5 upgrade points (1 is already used for the Basic Attack). In 5vs5 you have 75 souls and 3 upgrade points.
      • The amount of souls determines your progress in items. The cheapest item requires 32 souls, the most expensive item requires 310 souls
      • The amount of xp determines your progress in level (In each game you start from new and can reach up to level 9). Each level improves your basic stats like damage, health and armor. Besides, you get a skill point to upgrade one of your skills. Upgrading is done automatically as long as you have not disabled 'Autoskill' in options. Upgrading manually can make you stronger, as you can see below in point 6.
      • The following picture shows where you can find information about levels and souls:
      • Click image for larger version  Name:	Souls, items and level of the team.png Views:	1 Size:	975.5 KB ID:	45235
    5. Amount of players in both teams: 'The smaller-team-buff'
      • a smaller team gets buffed with +10% dmg and health for each player less in addition to the bot
    6. Manual skill leveling of the 5 abilities (very important for many heroes, because some abilities are much more important than others!)
      • How to upgrade skills manually:
      • Examples: Shakkur (Execute, Stab), Lola (Trident), Niomi (Soul Seek, Corrupting Blade), Lazlo (Suppressive Fire, Trap), Keely (Fire), Mirage (Prism Bomb, Lightball), Toxurr (Poison), Turakk (Charged Blast, Skyfall), Yaku (Lazor), Grimnor (Axe Throw, Dig In), Ellyn (Crush, Hammerfall), Lion (Swords), Jin Long (Kick), Shurok (Slash/Stab), Dalia (Growth, Roots), Targas (Shield Bash/Melee Combo)
    7. Item build, that fits your playstyle
      • Basically, the default builds (for new heroes since Q4/2017) are good and the latest default item builds since Q2/2018 with v1.8.0 (Starting with Vampire Legacy) are even very good and clearly better than the average build of older accounts. For the older default builds, you could exchange e.g. 'Blood Edge' with 'Terror Mallet' and 'Belt of Eternity' with Leviathan. If you got your hero after the release of v1.8.0 you have the latest default item builds and I would recommend not to change much about them, unless you have got a lot of experience with the game and know what you do
    8. Titan choice
      • Choose a titan that fits your hero and your playstyle best!
      • Classical choices are e.g. Wolf for Keely and Yaku
    9. Hero/Item level upgrades (Lvl 1-101, items up to lvl 30)
      • Those upgrades make a difference and I won't deny that. However, most people heavily overestimate the impact of it. Being level 100 is nice, but the other factors are more important for your overall game experience, as you can see below
      • Click image for larger version  Name:	Hero levels are overestimated.jpg Views:	1 Size:	135.9 KB ID:	45234
    10. Hero choice
      • You can enjoy the game with any hero. There have been a lot of changes within the last year to improve the balance and any hero is capable of carrying a team now.
      • Does this mean hero choice is irrelevant? No! Some heroes are more difficult to be played right than others and any player will find some heroes more interesting than others
      • All heroes have their strengths and weaknesses, some are stronger in close 1vs1 fights, others are more valuable to the team as a whole.
      • The important thing about hero choice is that you choose a hero that fits your team. A team only consisting of Melees will typically not be as successful as a team that has a good mix of heroes. A 5vs5 team should contain 2 or 3 ranged heroes (incl. mages).

    Other information
    • Lags
      • If you experience lags, check if your bluetooth is disabled. Bluetooth uses similar frequencies to WiFi and on some smartphones it can heavily destabilize your connection
      • The server is placed in central Europe, no matter which region you choose (formerly, there were different servers, currently it is only the one in Europe). The farther away you are, the higher will be your ping.

    Overview over hero and titan changes since v1.7.0

    Specific threads with all patchnotes:

    Forum threads with stats for heroes and titans

    Other useful threads:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Kind regards
    Your HoS-Team
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