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Didn't get gold I purchased

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  • Didn't get gold I purchased

    Hi, I purchased 19.99 worth of gold on March 12th but didn't get the gold. Thought maybe it would show up but nothing. My Google account email is [removed] also, I purchased the supporter bundle awhile ago, it stated I would get all future heros and all tritons or whatever they are called. For some reason I had to buy lion with gold. I never had access to Lola before, never bought her with gold but now I can use her somehow. But I can't use spirit wolf with her or a couple other characters. If you would also please enable the wolf with everyone or just add some extra gold so I can buy and use the wolf with everyone that would be great, thanks! Sweet game!
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    Hello Zebdula,

    sorry for those problems - I forwarded your message to the developers, so that they can help you.

    There was in fact a bug with the Supporter Bundle and new heroes (for past buyers), but it should have been fixed since patch v.1.70. I got the Lion through the Supporter Bundle on my account. But if there are still such problems, the developers will have to take a look at it again.


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      This issue is solved now.