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  • Login Problem - stuck in login

    Hello fellas, how are things?
    When trying to log in (PC , steam acc) to the game, I get stuck on the "spinning S animation". It keeps spinning for years. It wont log me in.

    -I have the latest patch version (1.7.2)
    -I have tried reinstalling
    -Tried both login in with Steam acc and MobileBits
    -Searched this issue on the forum, there was one but unsolved.

    **I'm using win7 64bit.


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    Hello Magmus,

    Sorry to hear that your problem is not fixed yet
    Here are a few things you could attempt to do:
    • Open the command prompt window and type:
      ipconfig /flushdns
      This clears the local DNS cache, worked for someone who had the same problem.
    • If you are new to the game, you could try to make a new account.
    • If HoS automatically starts in full screen, you could set it to windowed which might fix the problem. Here is how you do that:
      Go to /Documents/HeroesOfSoulcraft and rightclick on Settings.xml and select "edit"
      Find line 8 and change this:
      into this:
    Anyway, I forwarded this problem to a developer, hopefully he can help to get this problem fixed. If we know a possible solution I will come back to you in this thread.

    Best Regards,


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      Hey Sibio and thanks for reaching out here.
      I tried the steps you mentioned above, but with no success.

      Regarding the "make a new account" recommendation:
      I attemp to login with my steam account, so how will creating a new account here would assist?
      Did you perhaps mean creating new Steam account?
      Please elaborate
      Thanks again!


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        Hello again,

        I actually ment creating a new MobileBits account ingame.
        Anyways, I got a mail back from Benjamin (developer) and he told me this:
        Usually when this happens, it means that the internet connection to the server did not work, probably something is blocking the connection.
        Without looking at the logs it is hard to say anything about that, therefore I ask you friendly to contact and write the following:
        • Short problem description (they know about your problem so this would be enough:
          When trying to log in (PC , steam acc) to the game, I get stuck on the "spinning S animation
        • Your MobileBits username
        • Your MobileBits e-mailadress
        Benjamin will look in your account logs and hopefully he can fix your problem.

        Best Regards,


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          Email sent.
          Btw, I did not recieve any email back after creating the MobileBits acc. Didn't have a chance to choose 'username' either.
          I tought it might have to do something with that, meaning the creating never technically happened, or something like that. But when I tried to create another MB acc with the same email I used before, I got an error saying this email is already in use. So, guess the earlier registration worked.
          Anyway, I will update when / if its solved.


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            Hm that's strange, I guess the process is done then but you didn't got the message of that.
            If this has anything to do with it will become clear in the log files, but Benjamin will look that for you.
            Hopefully it gets solved soon.

            Sorry for the problems.

            Best Regards,


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              Currently the HoS Europe server is down and no login or gameplay is possible. I am investigating and trying to restart, currently waiting for a response from the service provider ..


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                Ticket has been created, remote restart had no effect, still all down, hopefully all the technician has to do is a cold reset and it will be all up again.


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                  All servers are up and operational again. Sorry for the downtime (about an hour and a half).