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[server issue] connection timeout

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  • [server issue] connection timeout

    Hello, I encountered an issue with servers. When I'm trying to enter into 3v3 or 5v5 modes I'm receiving a timeout connection error. I tried to reinstall HoS and reboot my router, but connection is broken. All other software work well. Sometimes it works but not stable. BTW, those connection timeouts count as leaves, so I received 20 penalties. That's ridiculous.

    Platform - Android. Device - shield.

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    It is a database issue. The developer solved some issues with the database today and implemented the new default item builds. Since then it works better than the last two days but obviously this wasn't the only cause of the matchmaking issues. So it will take some more time, sorry. I can only recommend playing with an alternative account until then, as long as you care about your rank.


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      Thanks, Daen. I'm happy that the issue is well-known for developer. I hope that there will be a fix.


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        Now fixed 3 things:
        - New Heroes get valid values again for skins (and items as fixed yesterday)
        - If there are still wrong values for items anywhere, they get fixed items (from shurroks build)
        - All server crashes related to items and skins have been fixed, trying to select an invalid skin just aborts this call and logs it out

        There might still be invalid data for some characters since there are millions of them, but over time should get better and normal again.


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          Yes, now it's working good. Thanks for update.